Following a more comprehensive inspection by an approved officer, the ship is found not to conform to the requirements of this Convention and:

(a)the surroundings on board are clearly hazardous to the safety, health or security of seafarers; or

(b)the non-conformity constitutes a serious or repeated breach of the requirements of this Convention (including seafarers’ rights); the authorized officer shall take steps to ensure that the ship shall not sails to sea till any non conformities have been corrected, or until the approved officer has accepted a plan of action to correct such non conformities and is satisfied that the plan will be implemented in an expeditious manner.

When implementing their responsibilities under this Standard, each Member shall make all possible efforts to avoid a ship being unduly detained or delayed.

Detainable deficiency:

  • Minimum age of seafarers
  • Medical certification of seafarers
  • Qualifications of seafarers
  • Seafarers’ employment agreements
  • Recruitment and placement service for seafarers
  • Hours of work or rest
  • Manning levels for the ship
  • Accommodation
  • Onboard recreational facilities
  • Food and catering
  • Health and safety and accident prevention
  • on-board medical care
  • Onboard complaint procedure
  • Payment of wages