1) Work Rest Hrs ILO form available, pasted followed.

2) Record of work rest hrs.

3) Record of violations and corrective /preventive actions.

4) NC raised for work rest hrs.

5) AC working/Maintained.

6) Ventilation working/maintained.

7) Heating working/maintained.

8) Toilets working /sewage treatment plant working maintained. No leak , No smell. Water available.

9)Adequate lighting and well illumination.

10) Galley hot plate working, hot / cold water available in in galley.

11) Provision refer working, temperatures maintained.

12) Laundry washing machine working.

13) potable water is clean/ tested/ standard maintained/ record available. Tanks cleaned and disinfected with in 12 months ,record available, Shore connection pipe available.

14) Commutator working galley.

15) Engine room insulation

16) Engine room vibration/noise

17)PPE available

18) Occupations health hazards been taken care of risk assessment been carried out.

19) Machinery guards available.

20) Emergency stops working tested.

21) Hot work / enclosed space procedures followed.

22) ER personal knows the onboard complain procedure and complains properly dealt with as a department head.

Crew Motivation

• Entitlement to leave

• Repatriation

• Seafarer compensation (ship’s loss or foundering)

• Manning levels of the ship

• Accommodation

• On-board recreational facilities

• Food and catering

• Health and safety and accident prevention

• On-board medical care

• Shipowners’ liability

• Health and safety protection/ accident prevention

• Access to shore-based welfare facilities

• Consulates

• Social security

Motivational Theories

1. Maslow’s Theory of Need Hierarchy:

2. Herzberg’s Two Factors or Motivation-Hygiene Theory:

3. Mc. Gregor’s Theory X and Theory Y:

Maslow’s Theory of Need Hierarchy