It is a device which is used to indicate the current position of the rudder blade, normally fitted in the wheelhouse, bridge wings and engine control room.

A rudder angle indicator consists of a feedback unit, a rudder angle amplifier and rudder angle indicators. It contains indicators which are having different dimensions, scales, three face rudder angle indicators and special indicators to meet Panama rules & regulations. All indicators should be dimmed and are available with different protection grades.

The electric rudder angle indication utilizes the synchronism of synchronized motors. The rotation angle corresponding to the angle of rudder is given to the sending synchronized motors. And that angle is electrically transmitted to the receiving synchronized motor which reflects the pointer on the dial.

It consists of two a.c. motor. One transmitter and other receiver whose 3phase stator are connected. The transmitter is installed in the Steering gear room, and the receivers are installed in the wheel house, Engine room etc.

When the transmitter rotor is rotated by rudder stock it creates an imbalance in the stator and to remove this imbalance the receiver rotor realigns itself to the position of transmitter rotor. New pointer are connected to both the rotor and gives indication of rudder angle in both Steering gear room as well as on bridge.