Eyesea, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to mapping and reducing global ocean pollution and maritime hazards, announced today that it has partnered with Mapbox, a leading provider of location data and mapping technology, to power the Eyesea pollution tracking application.

Eyesea’s mission is to use technology to make ocean impact and coastal pollution visible, and to ultimately eradicate it. The organization uses a mobile app to allow seafarers and volunteers to collect data and photos of ocean debris, which are then processed and analyzed by artificial intelligence algorithms to identify the type and location of pollution. This data is used by Eyesea’s partners to plan and execute clean-up efforts.

Mapbox technology and maps enhance Eyesea’s capabilities by providing high-quality, accurate and up-to-date mapping data, making it easier for volunteers and partner organizations to locate and document ocean pollution. Eyesea also uses Mapbox to develop custom map styles and visualizations to display the data collected by Eyesea volunteers.

Eyesea Founder Graeme Somerville-Ryan illustrates the value of the partnership, explaining, “The Mapbox platform is invaluable to our efforts to clean up the world’s oceans, coasts and

waterways. Mapbox enables us to work with high-quality mapping data and custom visualizations, to record, identify and ultimately track ocean impact pollution more effectively. This will result in improved pollution management, more effective clean-up work, and the ability to better allocate resources in the fight against pollution and litter.”

“Mapbox has made an enormous difference to our capacity, and I am very grateful for their support. It’s amazing to see the impact when we combine the resources of the tech and maritime industries. No matter where you live this is a common problem, and we all have a role in developing a viable solution.”

The partnership between Mapbox and Eyesea is a testament to the power of technology to address some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. Together, the two organizations are committed to making a positive impact on the health of our oceans and the planet.

“Mapbox is proud to support Eyesea in their mission to map pollution and ultimately clean up the world’s oceans and waterways,” said Marena Smith, Manager of Social Impact at Mapbox. “Every day at Mapbox we see how innovators across all industries are applying our location technologies for positive change, and we applaud Eyesea for their leadership in the maritime industry.”

For more information about Eyesea, please visit http://www.eyesea.org. For more information about Mapbox, please visit http://www.mapbox.com and here: https://www.mapbox.com/showcase/eyesea