Function – 4b, 6

Surveyor – Biswas Sir

Q. Air bottle survey.

Q. Boiler steam drum manufacturing.

Q. Early injection, show in draw card & it’s effects.

Q. Propeller fitting in it’s preparations.

Q. A/E getting hot in 50% load, possible reasons.

Q. VIT how will control valve opening & closing/timing, At low load retarded or advanced

Q. Mollier diagram shows & name all things what is super heat

Q. How much superheat, if We increase superheat what will be the effect

Q. AE full OH carried out AE running on no load what all things you will check

Q. Boiler safety valve full O/H

Q. Propeller is ready to fit in dry dock what you will check

Q. Persian blue method what you will scrap daft or propeller?

Q. Economizer position show on diagram what all in feed line

Q. Keyed propeller problem

Q. How will you sure it loose feet or tight fit

Q. What o/h you have done on main engine?? I told Exhaust valve…full overhauling of exhaust valve and many cross questions.

Q. Pitting of piston crown, how to repair it. (Submerged arc welding). Explain about submerged arc welding procedure. Q. How to measure the pitting?

Q. Ceased piston removal from AE.

Q. Pump shaft and impeller clearance increased how to rectify it?

Q. Propeller damaged how to repair.

Q. Axial flow and radial flow piston pumps.

Q. Oros piston

Q. How liner is casted? Material? Properties – each in detail.

Q. Why end plate of boiler is curved?

Q. Main bearing survey.

Q. Muff coupling overhaul

Q. Propeller withdrawal

Q. Fuel pump timing

Q. How a Cochran boiler is constructed, material used and testing procedure after welding is done .

Q. Bottom end bearing survey, preparations

Q. How will you create the magnetic field for a MPT

Q. Propelled mounting after survey using pilgrim nut method

Q. How to plug leaky tubes in a smoke tube boiler

Q. Boiler burner overhead, advantage and disadvantage.

Q. Nodular c.i and use

Q. Main and emergency steering requirements. Everything

Q. Axial flow pump with diagram.

Q. Sulzer vit.

Q. MC and MCC development

Q. What engines you worked on (mc and mc-c)

Q. How fuel quantity and timing is controlled. How the plunger is rotated.

Q. What is hydrazine. What it does. How it does

Q. Dezincification. How is it prevented. In place of arsenic, what is added. Why does zinc out

Q. ME and AE governors. Are they same? What is the difference. How the governor works (hydraulic type) ? What is droop? Isochronous governor fitted to which engines?

Q. Intelligent engine

Q. Detuning of exhaust valve

Q. Piston top land

Q. Advantage of gear drive and chain drive

Q. Sea water pump survey & checks

Q. Tools for dry dock

Q. A/E rpm fluctuating reasons

Q. Boiler tube removal procedure

Q. Rudder cracked, repair? Rudder construction?

Q. Boiler stay tube construction? how to remove?

Q. Late injection of Fuel, identification? your action?

Q. D/g fuel pump timing check method?

Function – 4b, 6

Surveyor – Mukhopadhyay Sir

Q. Difference b/w MC AND MCC

Q. Piston developments

Q. Thrust bearing survey

Q. Boiler gauge glass blow down

Q. Air bottle inspection and pressure testing.

Q. Condensate draining arrangement in mep

Q. Why air in tubes and water in shell in air compressor intercooler and after cooler

Q. Rudder pressure test and internal painting

Q. Propeller drop

Q. Turbocharger development..

Q. Axial and radial vibration, damper, function of flywheel, Safety valve spindle attachment and cross question

Q. Fuel valve sac volume and cross question

Q. Seamless pipe manufacturing

Q. FWG shell temperature increased reason and cross question..

Q. Cavitation in bearing and cross question

Q. New regulation for refrigerant in 2020, what to do with previous.

Q. In refer compressor suction and delivery valve working properly or not, how will you ascertain or know without opening the valves or checking the pressure gauges.

Q. Bottom pintle purpose and function.

Q. Vertical centrifugal pumps overhaul and checks & cross question

Q. You have 10 mm bolt dia bolt, tell me which no of spanner yo use

Q. How will you know the dia of the bend if dia of the pipe is known. For example 100mm dia of pipe what will be dia of the bend.

Q. Bumping clearance adjustment draw the diagram

Q. Draw the automatic drain arrangement in air compressor and explain

Q. Corrosion on bedplate. How you will rectify it

Function – 4b, 6

Surveyor – Mukherjee Sir

Q. Type of engine, MC, what is C.

Q. Difference between VIT & super vit, what is break point, how to adjust breakpoint in super vit.

Q. In fuel pump what is corrosion plug..

Q. Advantages of fuel pump with spill port & inlet port over helix cut fuel pump.

Q. What is the another name of jacket cooling water system.

Q. How chemical treatment of Jacket water if different from boiler water treatment.

Q. Secondary crankcase explosion, causes & action.

Q. Engine worked on? From bridge ahead command given .responded . Stop given . Responded . Now astern slow given No response . What all chances of indication you may observe on Control panel / MoP

Q. Zero sac volume how achieved ? Explain slide type fuel valve with sketch

Q. Cylinder lubrication ( Alpha ) when injection taking place ,timing , quantum of lubrication ( couldn’t answer)

Q. Piston ring development , cpr, what all things you check on piston rings while decarbing , butt clearance ?

Q. Purifier type, alcap, pairing disc