Surveyor – Banerjee & Rao sir

Q. Safety precaution in Dry dock

Q. Tig and Mig welding.

Q. Vertical overhead welding precaution

Q. Voltage transformer maintenance

Q. How to pressure test dumb condenser?

Q. Valve before seachest filter stuck. Actions?

Q. Risk Assesment for piston removal of AE

Q. How boiler tubes are fitted?

Q. Hydraulic testing of MAC inter stage cooler?

Q. How boiler blow down valve is fitted on ship side?

Q. Alpha lubricator purpose.

Q. Compressor motor flange alignment.

Q. After switching on compressor it did not start reason what things you will check.

Q. Classification society, and administration society, who is on higher position.

Q. Scavenge fire done you have done everything now how will u start engine.

Q. Boiler tube leakage how to rectify and arrest that tube ,,and start again.

Q. Copper tube repair.

Q. Advantages of Mig and tig welding why oxides are bad and how it makes metal weaker

Q. How do class society know what survey to be done and when to be done

Q. If main engine turbocharger casing gets a crack how to sale to a port and if crack can be repaired then how and what to be used

Q. How to cut a 6 mm mild steel plate using cutting torch and how to make a flame for the same.

Q. How you visually identify high pressure steam line

Q. Main engine starting air valve. Test if overhauled 6 months before

Q. Boiler gauge glass maintenance

Q. Pressure testing of dry powder extinguisher

Q. Centrifugal pump losing suction reasons

Q. Brazing or gas welding on what basis you decide for a particular metal

Q. How to adjust current during welding.

Q. Leakage between tube and tube plate how to repair.

Q. Gate valve not working what to do.

Q. Running gear inspection of a.e.

Q. Advantages of high stroke to bore ratio

Q. How bedplate is connected to hull

Q. How stresses are transmitted to tie rods

Q. Liner stuck in A/E how to remove

Q. Sequence of events while starting ballast pump

Q. What is principle of using plastic steel

Q. EMG fire pp and fire and GS pp discharge rate

Q. Co2 room inspection other than related to bottles and it’s activation system

Q. Pipe bending procedure. How to prevent pinching of bending point?

Q. Overhead welding , precautions. Which factor decides the welding current. Not satisfied with the type of electrode.

Q. Sewage plant maintenance

Q. Gate valve overhaul.

Q. ER bilge well cleaning, precautions.

Q. What is emergency preparedness?

Q. Overhead welding process and precautions- only welding related he asks, MIG,TIG advantage, why inerting?

Q. Voltage transformer maintenance- don’t start with isolation, only maintenance

Q. Boiler blow down valve under waterline cracked and water coming in. How to repair?

Q. Tempering

Q. Starting air overlap with degrees

Q. Engine room flooding action

Q. Vit

Q. Defects of boiler

Q. Diffuser in pump, detail and function

Q. Hair line crack in pin BRG of generator, no spares onboard

Q. Vessel trim n heel what it will effect in on machinery operations as per solas

Q. How air compressor is connected from MSB

Q. BOILER corrosion at least 9 types

Q. Overhead welding measures to be taken in respect to welding

Q. How to light a gas cutting torch, flame colour, distance from top

Q. Precautionary measure in bilge cleaning

Q. How to change over a hot filter

Q. Piston taken out of cylinder what all clearance u will measure

Q. Compressor temp going up reason

Q. Integral control

Q. Screw gauge zero calibration

Q. Linear leaking how will u find

Q. Start air valve leaking how will you make out without taking out.

Q. What all checks after 9 LTR foam cylinder pressure test

Q. Crosshead clearance and bottom end bearing clearance

Q. Metal locking and its material and its benefits

Q. Tappet AE and zero setting of fuel pump. Incorrect tappet taken previously correct

Q. Check backlash error in gears and how?

Q. Empty 9 ltr foam extinguisher…fill it.

Q. Electrode cutting method or gas cutting method. Which one is mot acceptable and why? Benefits and precaution during cutting.

Q. MSB maintenance, how to check continuity?

Q. Gate valve overhaul & checks

Q. Gear pump overhaul n backlash. How to check clearance?

Q. What u prefer to join dissimilar metal? How?

Q. Air bottle inspection n checks

Q. LO contamination with SW

Q. Shaft trueness and NDT test

Q. How to clean a transformer

Q. A/E Con rod bolt scratch mark, no spare on board, how will you rectify?

Q. Crank case checks in of a/e?

Q. Precaution during carrying out a overhead welding process?

Q. Maintenance carried out in a dcp extinguisher ?

Q. scale formation in main engine cooling water system, how to remove it ? Which chemical used for cooling water  treatment?

Q. Main engine air cooler leaks, how to find out defective tube?

Q. Main engine turbocharger casing cracks, how to make repair?

Q. Non destructive test. Dye penetration test all procedure. He want more than cleaner, dye and developer.

Q. who give permission for enclosed space entry? Where will you find company manual, about SMS and how it is related to ISM ?

Q. How to order pipe ? What is seamless pipe ?

Q. Butt weld, how will you adjust current ? He wanted to listen about how will you increase, minimum current?

Q. Emergency steering gear operation ? Wanted to hear about which valves to open and close ?

Q. vit and Super vit difference.

Q. Monogram function for purifier

Q. Tc casing crack what u do

Q. Accumulation prnd what check u related to accessories

Q. Boiler water test nd purpose

Q. Maintenance of scband checks

Q. After scavenge Fire you have to start engine as 2nd engr how u start engine.

Q. Risk assessments related to lifting head.

Q. Boiler water test and purpose

Q. After scavenge Fire you have to start engine.

Q. Transformer maintenance

Q. Crankcase inspection

Q. Hydraulic test on boiler

Q. Advantage on silver electrode

Q. Pressure test on cooler

Q. Crosshead bearing survey

Q. Hydraulic testing of piston

Q. Plugging of boiler tube