General emergency alarm signal : Seven or more short blast followed by one long blast

Emergency:- Immediate Action Required/Members of The Team


  1. Stop main engine & raise emergency alarm
  2. Exhibit lights & shapes & sound signal for vessel aground
  3. Take all round sounding, seabed sample and check tidal range & currents.
  4. Check for oil/hazardous substance pollution or possibility of one.
  5. In case of pollution occuring, report details to nearest coast station immediately including owners, charterers and interested parties.
  6. Effect necessary damage and pollution controls actions.
  7. Do not leave the area untill both vessels involved in the collision are safe

Command Team (C/T) Duties:-

  1. Fix ship’s position and record all movements/ events
  2. Exhibit required signals, monitor weather condition & tides/current.
  3. Compile communication reports, inform tech. Dept , DPA and advise status
  4. Transmit safety broadcast and inform E/R to change over to high sea suction.
  5. Exercise damage control to reduce danger to crew, vessel & cargo.
  6. Consider listing, trimming & internal transfer and/ or ballasting/ deballasting water and/or jettison cargo to assist in refloating.

Emergency Team(E/T) Duties:-

  1. Conduct visual inspection of damage & report to C/T
  2. Take all round sea bed sounding & sample and ballast & bilge sounding
  3. Check for oil/hazardous substance pollution and act accordingly
  4. Calculate buoyancy need to refloat and check stability criteria & stress.
  5. Shut all water tight access and isolate any penetrated tanks by closing hermetically.
  6. Determine possibility of sinking, breaking up or capsize in event of trying to re-float.
  7. Take E/R bilge & fuel soundings.

Support Team (S / T) Duties:-

  1. Provide First aids.
  2. Prepare life boats
  3. Assist as directed.

Engine Room / Roving Team (R / T) Duties:-

  1. Attend to E/R services and controls
  2. Report status of M/E & Aux equipments to C/T

Remark :

  • When a fire alarm is sounded it is to be left ringing till stopped by the master, master after stopping the fire alarm will sound the emergency signal.
  • For emergency stations crew must carry the life jacket and elsa to their muster stations, life jackets to be worn only at abandon ship
  • Drills to be conducted in such a way as if they are real.
  • Fire alarm is indicated by continuous ringing of the bell (…………)