General emergency alarm signal : Seven or more short blast followed by one long blast

Emergency:- Immediate Action Required/Members of The Team


  1. Revert to manual steering or else to emergency /alternative steering system.
  2. Exhibit NUC signals and broadcast security message
  3. Summon for additional assistance to the bridge and the steering gear compartment.
  4. Check faults on bridge steering gear system and assess overall situation.

Command Team (C/T) Duties:-

  1. Fix ship’s position and record all movements/ events
  2. Exhibit NUC signals and broadcast SECURITY message
  3. Consider manoeuvring using emergency steering, engines & thrusters to avoid immediate dangers.
  4. Compile communication reports and inform Tech dept & DPA on situation.
  5. Summon for additional men on the bridge & consider

Emergency Team(E/T) Duties:-

  1. Prepare for anchoring
  2. Determine cause of failure and inform C/T
  3. Effect immediate repairs and keep C/T informed of progress and anticipated time of completion.
  4. Try out emergency steering and all alternatives
  5. Assist as directed

Support Team (S / T) Duties:-

  1. Provide First aid.
  2. Prepare Life Boats
  3. Assist as directed.

Engine Room / Roving Team (R / T) Duties:-

  1. Attend E/R services and controls
  2. Report status of aux equipment to C/T

Remark :

  • When a fire alarm is sounded it is to be left ringing till stopped by the master, master after stopping the fire alarm will sound the emergency signal.
  • For emergency stations crew must carry the life jacket and elsa to their muster stations, life jackets to be worn only at abandon ship
  • Drills to be conducted in such a way as if they are real.
  • Fire alarm is indicated by continuous ringing of the bell (…………)