General emergency alarm signal : Seven or more short blast followed by one long blast

Emergency:- Immediate Action Required/Members of The Team


  1. Raise emergency alarm and sound ship’s whistle
  2. Increase speed or alter course to deter boarding
  3. Alert and call for assistance from shore stations and other vessel’s in vicinity
  4. Use search lights to illuminate and dazzle pirates/ terrorists

Command Team (C/T) Duties:-

  1. Fix ship’s position and record all movements/ events
  2. Alert report to shore stations/ vessels in vicinity
  3. Use search lights to illuminate and dazzle pirates/ terrorists
  4. Compile communication reports and inform local authorities
  5. Inform Technical department and DPA and advise on situation / actions taken
  6. Exercise safety measures to reduce dangers to crew, vessel and cargo

Emergency Team(E/T) Duties:-

  1. Identify and assess sighting and inform C/T
  2. Operate fire hose and fire warning rockets to deter boarding
  3. Retreat crew to secure area if deemed necessary
  4. Once threat is over, assess damage/loss of cargo, ship and personal properties and any injuries and reports to C/T

Support Team (S / T) Duties:-

  1. Prepare retreat area
  2. Provide First Aid, if required after the attack
  3. Assist as directed.

Engine Room / Roving Team (R / T) Duties:-

  1. Attend E/R services and controls
  2. Report status of aux equipment to C/T

Remark :

  • When a fire alarm is sounded it is to be left ringing till stopped by the master, master after stopping the fire alarm will sound the emergency signal.
  • For emergency stations crew must carry the life jacket and elsa to their muster stations, life jackets to be worn only at abandon ship
  • Drills to be conducted in such a way as if they are real.
  • Fire alarm is indicated by continuous ringing of the bell (…………)