General emergency alarm signal : Seven or more short blast followed by one long blast

Emergency:- Immediate Action Required/Members of The Team


  1. In event of : Transfer system leak, Tank overflow, suspected cargo tank hull leak.
  2. Stop operation by fastest mean and raise emergency alarm
  3. Stop accommodation ventilation and shut all openings
  4. Identify spill source, contain and eradicate

Command Team (C/T) Duties:-

  1. Notify relevant parties as per VRP,SOPEP or SMPEP as appropriate
  2. Inform technical Dept, DPA and advise status.
  3. Co-ordinate with port authorities/ other vessels if necessary.
  4. Consider shore assistance requesting additional clean up materials
  5. Report made to shore authorities- Coast Guard, Port authorities & others.
  6. Compile communication reports and record all movements/ events.

Emergency Team(E/T) Duties:-

  1. Assess & identify spill source & inform C/T
  2. Ascertain properties of spilled cargo, type of hazard, type of protective equipment to be used, solubility in water, fire hazards etc.
  3. Control and organize spill containment
  4. Disposal of residue and clean up material ashore or slop tank.
  5. Check stability criteria / stress and effect on other cargoes on board.

Support Team (S / T) Duties:-

  1. Provide First Aid and stand by with Anti dotes.
  2. Assist as directed

Engine Room / Roving Team (R / T) Duties:-

  1. Attend to E/R service and controls.
  2. Report status of Main Engine & aux equipment to C/T
  3. Stop vent & isolate electrical supply if required.

Remark :

  • When a fire alarm is sounded it is to be left ringing till stopped by the master, master after stopping the fire alarm will sound the emergency signal.
  • For emergency stations crew must carry the life jacket and elsa to their muster stations, life jackets to be worn only at abandon ship
  • Drills to be conducted in such a way as if they are real.
  • Fire alarm is indicated by continuous ringing of the bell (…………)