Q. Foam fire fighting system(quantity,ration,line,requirements)

Q. What will you do if all the foam is used in one go ? (what for next time ? How you will prepare onboard?)

Q. Different fire fighting mediums

Q. What is the procedure followed to enter CO2 room? (Lots of cross questions on this)

Q. Draw deck seal on your ship and also draw if any alarms or trips on it.

Q. CO2 system explain with diagram? Why isolating valve provided in the manifold? What all are the safeties?

Q. Types of detectors on board?

Q. Is there a safety valve on fire main?

Q. Isolation valves on fire main; it’s use if fire on main deck n E/R?

Q. What basic check do you think you should do while entering CO2 room?

Q. On an oil tanker fixed fire fighting system on-board.

Q. On deck what type of system you use? Why only low expansion foam? Why not high expansion foam? And where high expansion foam is used?

Q. Hyper mist system.

Q.  From where do you maintain water supply to Hypermist system?

Q. Fire detectors, fire extinguisher/fixed types. Draw the hyper mist system

Q. What are fire fighting system for boiler? What is size of foam extinguisher?

Q. CO2 system weekly checks

Q. Draw CO2 portable extinguisher. Its safeties? How it works?

Q. Draw mechanical foam system & explain with all its content

Q. Ship coming out of dry dock after major changes in fire system. You join the ship and how will you come to know?

Q. How will you calculate no. of CO2 bottles for engine room?

Q. Safeties in Fixed CO2 system and in CO2 room. Draw CO2 cabinet alarm ckt diagram.

Q. Fixed fire fighting in deck and E/R?

Q. Deck fire fighting arrangement on LPG.

Q. Halon system and some other details. When it is going to be eliminated? Principle involved – how exactly it extinguishes fire (breaking chain reaction)

Q. If fire in engine room and decided to release CO2, what action will you take before release?

Q. CO2 flooding system: safeties prior to entry of CO2 room

Q. Fixed CO2 System

Q. Which extinguishing medium for deck? Draw foam system entire line for deck and ER. Foam expansion ratios?

Q. What will happen if fire main deck line is cracked and u want water in fire hydrants on deck.?

Q. How will you ascertain 85% CO2 has been discharged within 2 minutes?

Q. Hazards on tanker?

Q. FFS for deck on your ship and lot of cross questions on that

Q. Draw fire line of your ship (with all accessories)

Q. Explain fixed foam system

Q. What is the pressure setting of relief valve in CO2 fixed fire extinguishing system? What safety are provided in case if CO2 room itself is under fire?

Q. After CO2 release from where will you enter in the engine room ? How many entrances are there in the engine room ?

Q. Fire on ME cylinder head – How to estinguish and type of extinguisher?

Q. Fire fighting in paint locker?

Q. At what interval portable fire extinguisher is refilled and pr. Tested.

Q. Why CO2 stored at 53 bar?

Q. On what principle does DCP extingushes fire?

Q. Sketch and explain DCP, portable extinguisher.

Q. Standard FireTest?

Q. Sustained Flaming?

Q. Non-combustibility test

Q. In hyper mist system how 11 bar(Pres of pump is confirmed) pump generates a fine mist? Surveyor asked the speciality of nozzle?

Q. What is EPIRB?how does it activate? HRU?how does it operate?

Q. SART? Location? Any indications where SART is kept? Functioning?


Q. HRU? function? Working principle? Where we use HRU?

Q. How will you lower the life boat? Which all checks will you carry out before you lower the life boat?

Q. MOB? Details

Q. What is survival craft?

Q. Definition as per SOLAS chapter 3.

Q. Type of survival craft.

Q.  Type of life boat

Q. Lowering of enclosed lifeboat.

Q.  What if free-fall lock doesn’t operate?

Q. Regulations of lifeboat

Q. Speciality of Tanker Lifeboats

Q. Where does Air support system take air from? What if the Air from cylinders gets fully discharged?

Q. Lifeboat – What all we carry in lifeboat?

Q. Regulation for the lifeboat engine

Q. Weight of the life boat

Q. If the life boat engine is not starting what to check?

Q. Lifeboat lowering procedure and brief explanation about onload and offload release mechanism.

Q. What is MOB marker? How much it weighs? How it differs from other lifebuoys?

Q. Immersion suit? How many on board?

Q. Automatic life raft launching

Q. Lifeboat Lowering- use of main and centrifugal brakes.

Q. Explain auto life raft inflate arrangement. How does HRU works? Which bottles we use to inflate life raft, how?

Q. Life boat DAVIT safeties

Q. How many life rafts on your ship, their location, and capacity of one in fwd?

Q. Launching of liferaft

Q. Locations of the EEBD


Q. LSA on ship

Q. Procedure for lowering of a Life boat

Q. Difference between launcing of life raft on side and that of forward life raft?

Q. Lifeboat engine regulation, what if engine is not starting in cold countries?

Q. What is dead man’s handle ? What are it functions ?

Q. Lifeboat maintenance

Q. How many brakes are there on a life boat winch?

Q. Regulation regarding the stowage position of life raft ?