Q. Regulations for pumping out bilges and cargo residues

Q. Discharge criteria of Annex 1?

Q. What is Annex 2? Categories

Q. What is the constructional requirement for carrying category X cargo?

Q.  What are the requirements to pump out bilges in special area?

Q.  For which all ships MARPOL Annex 4 applies?

Q.  How will you transfer bilges – step by step procedure? What all records you record in Oil record book? From where you will get the positions? Why positions are required? How will you come to know that you are not in special area?

Q. What do you know about SOx limitations? If you have fuel of only 3.5% sulphur content, is it possible for you to

enter SECA area? I told him, exhaust gas cleaning system – he wanted the chemical reaction also.

Q. Sewage discharge regulation through holding tank, if no approved treatment plant.

Q. What is Type1,2,3 tanker?

Q. How many annexes are there in MARPOL and explain annex 4

Q. Requirements for incinerator and temperature for different chambers

Q. What all you can burn in incinerator?

Q. Difference in discharge criteria of Annex I – between Special Area and Outside Special Area

Q. MARPOL annexes and which on your ship was following?

Q. Regulation regarding bilge discharge

Q. Entries to be made in Oil record book?

Q. Which annex of MARPOL deals with garbage? Tell the requirements

Q. Contents of bunker delivery note.

Q. What is Annex 6? I

Q. New regulations for SOx emmision

Q. Greenhouse gases and functions of each

Q. MARPOL Annexes 1-6 (as in he wanted the tag line as per marpol)

Q. Sewage and garbage discharge regulations

Q. Sewage Treatment Plant certificate.

Q. MARPOL annexes and accordingly certificates issued.

Q. MARPOL equipments.

Q. Annex 6 amendment – ECA areas and SOx criteria

Q. Requirements of MARPOL

Q. BOD, echoliform count calculation & sample test procedure

Q. What is the alternative sampling point other dan the bunker manifold drip sampling point in a bunker line?

Q. How will you reduce Nox?

Q. MARPOL new regulations

Q. What is EEDI? Why was it not earlier for what is it for?

Q. SOx NOx what is presently in use and values

Q. MARPOL Annex VI. EEDI n SEEMP. Details. What steps to achieve SEEMP and how to reduce CO2 emission?

Q. SOx and NOx regulation, tiers. Reduction methods

Q. MARPOL Annex V new amendments

Q. MARPOL Annex IV, when in force, discharge criteria

Q. Difference b/w 15 ppm critiera of general cargo and tanker

Q. Incinerator alarms.

Q. New regulations in garbage and Annex VI – wants to know about EEDI

Q. What does en route signify

Q. Garbage Record book (in depth)

Q. Annex 1 discharge Criteria

Q. Annex 6 complete

Q. EIAPP certificate


Q. Sewage treatment plant, BOD,

Q. Garbage New regulations

Q. Annex 6 pollutants?

Q. What is BDN and what does it contains? Retention period onboard? It comes under which annex?

Q. What is MARPOL sample? Retention period?

Q. ER bilge pumping regulation?

Q. Annex 6 new amendments.

Q. NOx limits. Tier 1, 2, 3, what does it signify.

Q. Bunker sample. How to take? How long on-board?

Q. Where is sulphur content of bunker recorded? ORB/Log Book?

Q. If I am PSC can I come and take your ship bunker sample? If no, what is the rule? If yes then where will you log this down that PSC has taken the sample?

Q. How to control NOx? What proof it’s under control? If old ships cant comply what they have to do?

Q. Annex VI – besides SOx, NOx, particulate matter and air pollution, what is it about?

Q. Remove gas from refer/AC? How to do? How does the recovery system comply with Annex VI?

Q. BWM Convention

Q. AFS Convention

Q. Why is emergency steering used?

Q. Annex V when it came into force and discharge criteria.

Q. Discharge criteria of MARPOL Annex IV.

Q. ORB Part I entries.

Q. How MARPOL Annex VI complied on ship?

Q. Describe Annex IV briefly? Who approves sewage treatment plant, how this regulations are made, what tests are made? What will decide the rate of flow in discharging the sewage OBD?

Q. What are the contents of SOPEP locker and its position?

Q. How many bunker samples taken during bunkering?

Q. Why bilge lines are flushed before dry dock entry?

Q. Why incinerator exhaust not used as inert gas ?

Q. What is the difference between MARPOL Annex I regulations inside and outside special areas?

Q. Wht is sweet crude and sour crude ?

Q. Why MARPOL Annex II is called Regulation for the control of pollution by noxious liquid substances in Bulk. While others Annex are for prevention ?


Q. ODMC working, purpose, regulation