Title 3. Accomodation, recreational facilities, food and catering

Regulation 3.1 – Accommodation and recreational facilities.

Regulation 3.2 – Food and catering

Regulation 3.1 – Accommodation and recreational facilities.

Purpose: To assure that seafarers have suitable accommodation & recreational facilities on board the ship.

1. Each Member shall ensure that ships that fly its flag provide and maintain decent accommodations & recreational facilities for seafarers working or living on board, or both, consistent with promoting the seafarers’ health and well being.

2. The conditions in the Code applying this Regulation which relate to ship construction & equipment apply only to ships constructed on or after the date when this Convention comes into force for the Member concerned. For the ships which are build before that date, the conditions relating to ship construction & equipment that are set out in the Accommodation of Crews Convention (Revised), 1949(No. 92), & the Accommodation of Crews Convention, 1970(No. 133), shall continue to apply to the extent that they were applicable, prior to that date, under the law or practice of the Member concerned. A ship will be considered to have been build on the date when its keel is laid or when it is at a similar stage of construction.

3. unless clearly provided or else, any conditions under an amendment to the Code relating to the provision of seafarer accommodation & recreational facilities will apply only to ships build on or after the amendment takes effect for the Member concerned.

Regulation 3.2 – Food and catering

1. Each & every member will accept laws & regulations or other measures to provide minimum standards for the quantity & quality of food & drinking water & catering standards that apply to meals given to seafarers on ships that fly its flag, and will undertake educational activities to promote awareness and implementation of the standards referred to in this paragraph.

2. Each & every member will assure that ships that fly its flag meet the given minimum standards:

(a) food & drinking water supplies, having considered to the number of seafarers on board, their religious requirements & cultural practices as they pertain to food, & the duration & nature of the voyage, will be appropriate in respect of quantity, nutritional value, quality & variety;

(b) The appliances of the catering section will be suitable to the seafarers of adequate, varied and nutritious meals prepared & served in hygienic conditions; &

(c) catering staff will be properly trained for their positions.

3. The shipowners will assure that the seafarers who are working on ships as cooks are trained, qualified & found competent for the position in accordance with requirements set out in the laws and regulations of the Member concerned.

4. Conditions mentioned in the paragraph 3 of this level will include a training course approved by the competent authority, which covers practical cookery, food and personal hygiene, food storage, stock control, & environmental protection & catering health & safety.