Whatever you’re thinking, is being thought or had already been thought somewhere else. What makes the difference is in your way of presenting it.

                                                                                                             -Junaid Raza


1. Things to carry

2. Outfits

4. Do’s

5. Don’ts

Things to carry

1. Consolidated hall ticket print out

2. Original Passport and CDC

3. Onboard tarbook

4. Pen, pencil, eraser and scale

5. Scientific calculator

6. Handkerchief

7. Hand sanitizer

8. Wallet

9. Office bag/ backpack


  • Dress shirt
  • Dress pants
  • Tie
  • Dress watch
  • Leather belt
  • Dress socks
  • Formal shoes

Dress shirt

  • Preferably Cotton
  • Solid colored-White, light blue or light grey
  • Long sleeved with barrel cuffs
  • Good fitting

Dress pants

  • Formal looking
  • Colors- Navy blue, All shades of Grey, Black or Beige
  • Comfortable fitting while standing and sitting


  • Preferably silk and patterned
  • Colors- Dark shades of blues, purples, maroons, grays, blacks, etc.
  • Choose the tie to contrast the color of shirt and pant, that gives you good vibes
  • Tie knot to be proportional to the collar (not too bulky)


  • Preferably genuine leather
  • Black color
  • Formal buckle
  • Suitable length
  • If possible try of match the leather texture of the belt, shoes and watch strap for a sharper look

Formal shoes

  • Preferably genuine leather oxfords
  • Black color
  • lace-ups
  • Polished


  • Ensure your apparels are ready (clean and ironed) at-least one week in-advance
  • Try to match the color of your socks to preferably that of your pants or otherwise shoes
  • Take quality sleep on the night before orals
  • Groom yourself properly- good haircut, clean shave, finger nails, ear etc.
  • The tie length to be adjusted such that it just touches the belt buckle while standing straight
  • Be positive, polite, honest, confident and believe in yourself
  • Put your mobile on silent mode while at exam center
  • Answer precisely to what is asked, frame short sentences


  • Avoid wearing cuff-links, earrings, bracelets, etc., keep your outfits simple and professional
  • Avoid wearing strong/ spicy perfumes that may signify dominance
  • Never argue or try to convince for more functions after the examiner informs regarding the result. (Do not negotiate).

Article Written by 

Mr. Varun Divekar

Marine Engineer