Q. Rescue boat.

Q. Life boat

Q. SCABA checks

Q. EEBD checks

Q. Davit maintenance

Q. LSA on your ships ?

Q. Special construction design of container ship

Q. How torsion box prevent torsion and racking

Q. Fire detection system.

Q.  Annex 1 discharge criteria and why 15 ppm

Q. Why 85 percent discharge for fix co2 system

Q. Marpol all anex- annex 1 and 6

Q. Free surface effect and how to reduce it

Q. Properties of foam

Q. Types of keel

Q. Inert gas safeties

Q. Solas chapter 9

Q. Type of ship, nature of cargo

Q. How to find out fire has taken place inside cargo hold?

Q. Collision bulkhead

Q. Lightening holes

Q. Flooding of engine room actions

Q. Emergency generator regulations

Q. Steering gear regulations

Q. Safematic system in steering gear

Q. Explain marpol,

Q. Its full form its origin 73/78 meaning and all annexes name

Q. Hypermist full, activation, places protected, locations tell any

Q. Co2 release full, with alarms, can we release in batches?

Q. Epirb & its frequency, how it works.

Q. Margin line

Q. List critical equipments onboards

Q. List some mandatory certificates

Q. Clearance between propeller and hull

Q. Wake of propeller

Q. Boiler alarms and trips

Q. Fire detector regulations

Q. Ig regulations

Q. Engine room crane safeties, how the brakes are getting applied, what happens when the power is cut off

Q. Ism, entry into force, 2 dates of ism and how many gt its applicable to.

Q. How to get smc and doc and lots of cross questions

Q. Mlc entry into force, titles, which is the 1st title, what is the duration which is considered as night time,  how will you train your young seafarer

Q. Gases in enclosed space

Q. Freeboard deck and importance

Q. Only name the all statutory certificates carried onboard in compliance with solas

Q. Doc & smc interconnection and under which annexure/regulation

Q. Psc inspection and why

Q. Meaning of mou and if india has any

Q. BDN file contents and relevance

Q. Hypermist regulations and working

Q. When does a ship get machinery certificates so that they can be operated

Q. Tortion box

Q. Bulbous bow

Q. Teu, feu

Q. Bilge keel

Q. Hawse pipe, spurling pipe

Q. Chapter 9 solas certificate and little details.


Q. All annex of marpol name

Q. Annexure 6


Q. Certificates

Q. Goal of seemp.


Q. How containers are stored.

Q. What is isps code ? Which solas chapter it comes? What is difference between level 2 and 3?

Q. What certificate we take from port if we do bunkering in port and also at anchorage?

Q. What are the key points psc checks?

Q. What are equipments u have which come under isps code

Q. What is fss code

Q. What bulkhead is there between E/R and aft ?

Q. What is class a and b type b/h

Q. What is solas code of bulk carrier? full

Q. Propeller blade material

Q. Cavitation

Q. Types of bulkhead

Q. Definition deadweight displacement light ship

Q. Marpol regulations all annex and why sulphur cap

Q. Purifier room fire

Q. Shell expansion plan

Q. Free surface effect

Q. EGB fire

Q. Nox sox

Q. Safety in steering gear room and electrical safety of steering

Q. Margin plate

Q. Torsion box

Q. Garboard strake

Q. Flooding of engine room action.


Q. Emergency generator regulation.

Q. Load line survey.

Q. Emergency bilge suction regulations

Q. Imo conventions applicable specific to LPG? Explain?

Q. Safeties on cargo plant, esds explain?

Q. Documents which show firefighting arrangement, location and content?

Q. Class a 60 bulkhead? Location / explain std fire test?

Q. Collision bulkhead? Location – what why how?

Q. Significance of sopep?

Q. DPA – function, which chapter, date, sms manual explain – how implemented?

Q. Pyro techniques on lb? When do we use hand flare and rocket parachutes?

Q. Explain hyper mist – complete?

Q. Detainable deficiency significance, who can give it, what all things can happen?

Q. Co2 room checks and regulations

Q. Why inclining experiment done, how to do?

Q. Fore peak tank construction?

Q. On your watch er flooding actions

Q. Pv breaker pv v/v difference

Q. Mast riser regulations 111. Isps


Q. Emergency fire pump

Q. Bunker line pressure testing

Q. Fire cake

Q. Steering test before departure

Q. Marpol annex names

Q. Annex 6 pollutants

Q. Odp

Q. How ozone is depleted