Date – Unknown

External – S Rajendran Sir

Internal – Kamat Sir


Q. What is Marpol? Annex II, how much residual oil can be allowed to retain.

Q. Marpol discharge criteria for annex II, Categories X,Y,Z. Marpol regulation for Slop tanks

Q. Static stability, gz curve, angle of vanishing stability

Q. Lifeboat lowering procedure, how centrifugal breaks work.

Q. CO2 system high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure lines and their pressures


Q. Bottom end bearing clearance

Q. Variable geometry turbocharger

Q. Load dependent cylinder lubrication.

Q. Caustic embrittlement


Q. AVR, drawing and explain

Q. Insulation classes used on ship. Tell only which are used on ship.

Q. Intrinsically safe circuit

Q. Acb protective devices


Q. How turbocharger k value is measured

Q. Stuffing box overhauling

Q. Checking leaking start air valve when in port. You will engage turning gear or not.

Q. Purifier not picking speed. Reasons. If friction pads worn out and u dont have spare on board. Your action.

Date – 03-01-2020

Internal – Kamath Sir

External – Vishawanathan


Q. What is bleve? How it happens? Possibility in lng ships? Why no bleve in lng?

Q. Ballast water management conventions

Q. Load line survey

Q. Emergency fire pump priming device testing during loaded condition. How will you drain the suction side?

Q. Fixed fire fighting system for ER in crude tanker?

Q. What kind of foam used? Chemical name for foam? How you decide whether high expansion to use or low expansion?

Q. What kind of tests do you carry out on the foam


Q. Specification of main engine, generator and boiler

Q. Explanation of ME and boiler specification

Q. Location of boiler soot blower. How do you carry out sootblowing. Sootblowing sequence. What changes do you do during sootblowing.

Q. Boiler water tests. What tests carried out. Types of alkalinity. Why different types of alkalinity. Ratio of p to t alkalinity.

Q. How do you do boiler water tests. How you take sample. Why sample is cooled. What is flash off ratio. 1 part water equals how many parts steam

Q. How has burning carried out in main engine.

Q. What is FIVA valve.

Q. How ME engine is working if it doesn’t have fuel pump

Q. Control oil system is ME engine. Type of pump used. Why swash plate pump used. What is minimum swash plate position. What happens during failure of swash plate.

Q. Explain propeller slip


Q. How will you overhaul a gate valve. Told me even your Chief engg cannot answer this.

Q. What actions will you take if you notice exhaust smell on deck near tank vents while taking deck rounds.

Q. Auxiliary engine shell and tube type line oil cooler leaking. How will you find the leak.

Q. You cleaned turbocharger filter in port. Now while engine is running differential pressure is showing 0. What does that indicate.

Q. Couple of questions more than i cannot remember.

Date – Unknown

Internal – Senthil sir


Q. Types of sewage treatment plant,explain and draw

Q. Types of boiler safety valve and draw improved high lift safety valve, accumulation pressure test procedure ,what if safety valve doesn’t lift during procedure,at what pressure high pressure alarm is set.

Q. Refer system ,how unloading takes place,why belt driven and so many cross questions

Q. Crank shaft deflection why to take ,how do u know that what u have taken is correct

Q. Methods to control nox

Q. Types of maintenance system

Q. What changes will be done on engine for low sulpher fuel

Date – 07-01-2020

External – Gadkar


Q. How u will prepare boiler for survey

Q. Npsh


Q. Boiler corrosion & water test & treatment

Q. Question regarding class survey don’t remember exactly but I listen it 1st time.


Q. Electrical survey what u will check

Q. Synchronous motor n it’s application

Q. Alternator safeties

Q. Solas requirement for emcy generator

Q. Current transformer


Q. Propeller drop how to take n preparation n if more then what u will do


Q. Tcm ( it’s regarding tail shaft survey)

Q. Hull plate grade

Q. Documents to send DD before hand

Date – 07-01-2020

External – Gadkar sir

Internal – Senthil sir


Q. Difference in construction for container and other type of ships with cross questions, draw torsion box and why it is provided with drawing, difference in sheer strake and other strakes, different grades of steel used on ships, where on ship we will find the specifications for different plates.

Q. Refer containers how you monitor the temperature what all parameters you check on board and cross questions number of air changes n all can’t remember much.

Q. Different types of fire detection system used in engine room and cargo hold.

Q. Periodical surveys carried on board for lifeboat davit with time intervals.

Q. Difference between liferaft placed in foxel and near accommodation, why HRU is not provided in foxel liferaft, at what pressure hru operate.


Q. Which type of fuel injection system on board, which system is better common rail or jerk? advantages of common rail fuel injection system.what is the pressure of fuel inside the common rail injection system and cross questions.

Q. Bunkering procedure with all safety precautions, with cross questions, draw vent of bunker tank, what is the difference between the vent of fuel and ballast tank, how water does not enter inside the tank from vent and contents of bdn and cross questions.

Q. How will you set safety valve of boiler.

Q. Imo 2020 sulphur regulation, what all changes we have to do and all the related problems.

Q. Cannot remember the question.


Q. Maintenance on acb.

Q. Exd and exi class notations explain.

Q. How will you order a battery for emergency generator.