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Q. when did RA got ammended in ISM chapter

Q. ISPS chapters

Q. what is DOS? when do we sign DOS? if port at security level 1 & ship at level 2 then do we need to sign DOS with port?

Q. SOLAS regulation for sprinkler head? water pressure at sprinkler? how automatic sprinkler system is activated in engine room?

Q. Freefall lifeboat annual maintenance and launching procedure? how to check release mechanism?

Q. Types of resistance

Q. construction of bulbous bow and how it is connected to hull? uses of bulbous bow

Q. what is bleve? where comes in picture in case of bulk carrier


Q. Difference between MC and MCC

Q. Chain drive? how many chains?

Q. Cold corrosion and hot corrosion and where it takes place

Q. Brinelling

Q. Accumulation pressure test


Q. Brushless alternator and AVR function? what is the voltage sensing value of AVR?

Q. Insulation test of motor

Q. Safeties on motor

Q. Preferential trip

Q. Difference between HRC and MCB? value of HRC for sea water pump


Q. How to do cross blowdown of boiler guage glass

Q. Main bearing removal of 4 stroke engine procedure? tools used

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Q. Explain refrigeration cycle with diagram. Draw tev. explain phase changes of refrigerant? what is superheat? why frosting on suction side of compressor..a few cross questions

Q. Draw surge line and explain.

Q. 4-Stroke con rod draw and composition. why oblique cut.

Q. Draw purifier outline. explain separation. paring chambers. Cross questions. what determines size of gudgeon pin.


Q. Iccp in detail

Q. Explain battery charging circuit. give exact value of voltage.

Q. What is valve position in controller..blanked out..could not answer this..

Q. Capacitor in ceiling fan motor.

Q. Insulated and earthed systems..draw and explain

Q. Why specific gravity of electrolyte so important for battery?

Date -19-03-2020


Q. Inclining  experiment

Q. Web frames draw

Q. III code

Q. Fire bulkheads

Q. Tacit acceptance

Q. Chapter 14 solas


Q. AVR full explain cross questions 

Q. Emergency generator requirements as per solas

Q. Plc

Q. Vfd

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Q. Type of vessel (crude oil tanker)

Q. Types of certificate carried onboard, name all the convention under which all the certificate are coming

Q. ISM in detail, functional requirements, doc, smc, guidelines under part a ( wanted to hear about emergency preparedness)

Q. Co2 room safeties, safeties on bottles, checks as per intervals

Q. What does ex mean…exi, exd , explain in detail


Q. Type of engine, mc, stroke bore ratio

Q. Detuners, dampers, axial vibration dampers, hydraulic top bracing in detail, working, construction

Q. Thick shell and thin shell bearing, details, difference

Q. Part load operation, vit, working

Q. How to isolate a single unit, what all you will do


Q. Regulations for emergency power onboard

Q. Battery, charging, trickle charging with circuit diagram

Q. Acb maintenance, checks to be carried out

Q. How will you Carry out work on an ex type equipment

Q. IR test


Q. Crank pin bearing clearance

Q. Main bearing removal procedure and checks

Q. Fuel pump overhaul for a/e, checks and markings, why rack and pinion matching is done

Q. Mechanical seal drawing and explain working

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Q. Types of transformers and hysteresis

Q. Loop diagram

Q. zener diode

Q. Brushless exciter

Q. Heat detector

Q. Types of controllers and applications

Date – 05-03-2020


Q. Draw and explain

Q. chain drive

Q. Psychometric chart

Q. Tie rod arrangement

Q. Propeller curve Explain

Q. Torsional vibration damper

Q. Axial vibration damper

Q. Accumulation of pressure

Q. What is friction welding

Q. What is eutectic

Q. Difference between vit and super vit

Q. Purifier bowl leaking reasons

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Q. Brushless alternator working principleQ. Zener diode and avalanche breakdown curve….with explain

Q. Synchronoscope and method to synchronize generator.

Q. Pulse with Modulation explain.

Q. PN suction diode impurity .

Q. Basic laws all….lenz….Kirchoff etc

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Q. Types of transformers and hysteresis

Q. Loop diagram

Q. zener diode

Q. Brushless excitor

Q. Heat detector

Q. Types of controllers and applications