Function – 4b, 6

Surveyor – Bannerjee sir

Q. Refrigeration compressor scraper ring gone. Oil filled up in line. What is the first thing to do?

Q. Overhead welding precaution

Q. Voltage transformer: what maintenance to be done

Q. Certificate of registry.

Q. Certificate of compliance.

Q. Maintenance on pneumatic control lines.

Q. Significance of mean piston speed.

Q. What is knock. Causes of knock, How to prevent knock.

Q. Repeated fire in scavenge space.

Q. Significance of TDS. How to test tds value.

Q. Significance of carbon in iron, how to increase tensile strength.

Q. Heat treatment methods, difference between annealing and normalising.

Q. Significance of air vessel in reciprocating pump.

Q. Ductility and malleability. How to test the material for ductility and malleability. What components of ship are

tested for them

Q. How to increase the life of piston rings

Q. Resource management of engine room and lot of cross question.

Q. Risk analysis and 2 mathematical factors on which it depends

Q. 4 points for risk assessment of tappet clearance of generator.

Q. Scoring marks on generator bottom end bearing, your action

Q. Bilges rapidly rising your action.

Q. Relationship between maintenance and ISM code

Q. Cast iron welding procedures

Q. Diesel engine cooing space cleaning

Q. Relationship between ism and preventative maintenance

Q. Technical meaning of risk

Q. Compression ratio specific purpose

Q. Mouth ring of centrifugal pump specific purpose

Q. Steel type composition used

Q. Vit and super vit

Q. Alpha lubrication

Q. What is balance weight? Lots of cross questions why are these how these are created what would effect etc.

Q. What is ash and value of ash content? And lost of cross questions. why it is there what are the consequences and

effect of ash content.

Q. What is nomogram ? Lots of cross questions and details of nomogram axis of nomogram how we select the gravity

disc which Dia internal or external Dia of gravity what actually does the gravity disc what would happen if wrong

gravity disc is selected.

Q. VIT concept of bit in your own understanding and cross questions

Q. Refractory material what is the purpose and especially composition speciality

Q. Nitriding

Q. How steering gear ram is made tough

Q. Rudder movement how will you check in drydock

Q. Gate valve defects

Q. Gland packing and mechanical seal difference

Q. Clover leafing diagram

Q. Tribology

Q. Bilges cleaning

Q. Engine starting on fuel then stopping after some time?

Q. Which certificate has class name written on it?

Q. Checks on starting system and quick start of emergency generator prime mover.

Q. Why bedplate is not made of Cast iron, what are the restrictions.

Q. Before checking or adjusting of the tension of Tie rod, what is the first thing you will do or check??

Q. What are the reason of Steering gear Hunting, what is hunting explain in detail!!

Q. What is the main Advantage of using mechanical seal

Q. what is steam trap, only working principle..

Q. What will you do if the second stage intercooler of MAC is suspected to be leaking actions step by step.

Q. Overhead welding. procedure and steps. what you will suggest to your fitter.

Q. How you carry out the cleaning of E/R bilges.

Q. Electrical Motor, electrical and mechanical checks you will carry out if your ETO is asking advice from you or ask to help you, how will you assist him..

Q. Stainless steel properties and manufacturing

Q. Cast iron properties & types

Q. Screw pump material properties and cross questions

Q. Tail shaft survey in detail

Q. After scavenge fire how will you proceed to start the engine(what is the first thing you will do before starting)

Q. Bearing materials with percentages exact value & properties

Q. Air starting valve stuck. Rectify without stopping engine.

Q. After overhaul, air compressor full body hot. Reason other than jacket cooling water

Q. How will you know boiler firing at full load.

Q. What is compression ratio?

Q. Why we need compression ratio for engines?

Q. Significance of compression ratio?

Q. Effect of compression ratio on 2S & 4S.

Q. Bedplate construction of 2S?

Q. Materials used in bedplate construction with alloys used?

Q. Significance of varying % Carbon ?

Q. Why cast iron is avoided in bed plate construction?

Q. Fresh water generator distillate pump performance deteriorated.

Q. What will be the effect on fresh water generator?

Q. Checks after Dry Dock.

Q. What will make you come back again to the docks, if you miss to check that?

Q. Location of rudder plug (used for pressure testing)

Q. Non destructive tests, carried out on materials, that are used on ships?

Q. Justify the tests, why used on that particular material?

Q. What is the value of High tensile strength of any material that you remember.

Q. What is weldability of a material?

Q. C/E asked to check the weld penetration, how will you check?

Q. Compression ratio(wants to hear thermodynamics)

Q. Most damaging bending stress in main engine crankshaft

Q. Cr% in steel and what all properties it gives to steel

Q. A/E LO pressure not developing, what will you check first.

Q. How will you check backlash in enclosed gear pump?

Q. How will you decide butt weld two vee or single vee weld?

Q. Most important difference between butt & lap weld?

Q. FWG chemical cleaning with respect to engineering terms & definitions

Q. What is the mean of word single failure of steering gear?

Q. Main engine air valve overlapped ? Reason

Q. Advantage of axial flow pump over gear pump?

Q. Can shore supply be parallel with ships generator? What is problem?

Q. Cage rotor Induction motor speed control method, how pole changing take place?

Q. Received new lead acid battery but not to be used for 3 months, procedure for storing battery

Q. Oil in evaporator, how to remove it.

Q. Compressor foundation bolt sheared off, how to remove

Q. Crankpin ovality,

Q. Crankpin bearing score marks, how to repair

Q. Compressor interstage cooler tube leaking how you will find out